Hannatu Musawa Rolls Out $617m IDICE Fund In Collaboration With AFDB

The Minister of Art, Culture and the Creative Economy Hannatu Musawa is set to roll out a $617 Million IDICE Fund in collaboration with the African Development Bank (AfDB).

At a high-level meeting in Abuja on Thursday with the Director General of AfDB, Lamin Barrow, the Minister highlighted the huge potential of the Creative Economy to generate employment opportunities for millions of young Nigerians.

“With eager anticipation from the creative community, the IDICE fund emerges as a landmark transaction, providing a strategic platform for directing additional long-term financing into this dynamic sector”.

Expressing her enthusiasm, Minister Musawa affirmed, “We are delighted that the conditions precedent for the release of IDICE funds is nearing completion. We eagerly anticipate providing start-up funds to young creatives, facilitating the development and monetisation of their talents”.

The Minister commended AfDB and other parties to the transaction for the remarkable achievement, now being emulated by other African nations.

She applauded the impact investment focus which includes elements such as geographical spread, first loss position of the FGN and grants for capacity development, stressing that FMACCE will reflect this spirit in its nationwide awareness campaign on the initiative.

Minister Musawa highlighted that the IDICE structure offers a platform through which the fundraising initiatives of her Ministry can be secured and assured that this opportunity will be thoroughly explored.

Mr. Barrow, an integral part of the collaborative effort, provided insight into the fund structure, clarifying that IDICE is built around a world-class governance framework, incorporating a Steering Committee that includes Minister Musawa.

In a significant milestone for the Nigerian creative landscape, the Minister of Art, Culture, and Creative Economy, Hannatu Musawa, has cemented the groundbreaking partnership with the African Development Bank (AfDB) to launch the $617 million Investment in Digital and Creative Enterprises (IDICE) fund.

This transformative fund is poised to unleash unparalleled growth, with the potential to catalyze over $1 billion of growth in the creative economy upon full deployment.

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