Lord Could He Be The One – Dj Cuppy

Popular disc jockey, DJ Cuppy recently released a one-of-a-kind marriage proposal from a secret admirer that included a Bible scripture.

Since her split from ex-fiancé Ryan Taylor, billionaire heiress DJ Cuppy has been on a quest for love, attracting interest from many fans and followers.

A recent proposal from a secret admirer piqued the popular socialite’s interest, and she posted a screenshot on her Instagram story.

The anonymous suitor sent an email with a Bible verse, Psalms 85:10-11, highlighting faithfulness and steadfast love. The heading of the email read: “Marriage proposal from God’s grace and son” alongside a marriage proposal, “Will you marry me dj cuppy.”

DJ Cuppy shared the screenshot and asked: “Lord. Could he be the one? .”

This comes just two weeks after DJ Cuppy’s mother prayed for her to meet a man who seeks God after her baptism.

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