Angela Okorie Opens Up on Divorce: “I Fell Out of Love”


Nollywood actress, Angela Okorie, has candidly revealed the reason behind her decision to end her marriage with Chukwuma Orizu, stating that she “fell out of love.”

In a recent podcast interview hosted by her colleague, Iyabo Ojo, Okorie disclosed the challenges she faced, citing pressure from her husband’s family who wanted her to quit her entertainment career.

The mother of one expressed that she wouldn’t advise anyone to remain in a marriage when love is no longer present.

Okorie shared that although her ex-husband was a good man, she fell out of love due to the insistence of his family members that she should stop acting.

 According to her, the family demanded that she give up her career in entertainment as a condition for the marriage.

She highlighted the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and noted that her ex-husband was supportive of her career.

However, the pressure from his family became a significant source of strain on their relationship, leading to her decision to end the marriage.

Okorie emphasized the need for understanding and support in a marriage to ensure the realization of individual dreams.

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