Stepping into 2016 in Style

An awesome New Year to you. I am grateful to almighty God for his numerous mercies all through 2015 and for his grace to behold the New Year.

Traditionally, everyone is excited when an old year gives way to its new counterpart. It often calls for celebration, whether you achieved an ounce of goal or not in the previous year, so long as you are alive there’s hope for a better tomorrow.

The popular seasonal question is already in the air “what’s your new year’s resolution?” Again, I’m reminded that keeping resolutions is challenging as we tend to relax them probably by the second week of January. Nevertheless, I believe that making resolutions is the same as being goal-oriented and when constantly examined will serve as a guide. If you think I’m mistaken consult the world’s greatest philosophers: Napoleon Hill, Wattles and Robert Collier.

So, what’s your New Year’s resolution? Did I hear you say make more money? How much exactly? Napoleon Hill’s Six Proven Steps To Your Fortune is of the opinion that we should fix in our mind the exact amount of money we desire. It is not sufficient merely to say, “I want plenty of money.” Be definite as to the amount. (There is a psychological reason for definiteness). Then create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin at once – whether you are ready or not – to put this plan into action. Don’t forget to determine exactly what you intend to give in return for the money you desire. (There is no such reality as “something for nothing”).

Or probably, you have resolved to spend more time with your family. Every human being, whether married or single has a family. Bishop T. D. Jakes wonderfully puts it in his best-seller book; Reposition Yourself: “… this means that you have to establish continually that the world you have at work is not a real world for you but is only a matrix, which can enhance the real and more important, the world in which you live … Build your home from the inside out and remember why you are working long hours and whom you’re doing it for. Don’t allow the rush of the latest deal or the prospect of a new income tax bracket to eclipse the constellation of familial stars shining around you.

Foremost, on our list should be a closer relationship with our creator; the author and finisher of our faith. To have a thorough communion with him on a daily basis and to be attentive to his gentle spirit.

Well, if you ask me, my New Year resolutions are: first, to be more prayerful as I have long discovered that prayer is key. So in 2016, I will be nothing short of a prayer warrior just like the biblical Daniel. Second, I to put in more effort into my job and career; that is, there will be a total rebranding or repackaging whichever one you choose to call it. A rededication to those things that pay my bills. Nevertheless, my family will not be relegated behind the scene. They are the reason I jump out of bed every morning. So, I will carry them along all the way.

In the same vein, this year by God’s grace, I will strive to be a more confident woman, to be comfortable in my own skin, indulge in my own pleasure and no more allow the task job of motherhood to drain my fun. So, once in a while, I will bundle my little soldiers to see a movie or a play at the National Theatre or Muson Centre, read my favourite girlie magazines and honour event invitations.

I don’t know about you but I am over-excited about the year 2016. Wish you the best of this New Year.

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Jane Ikegulu

Jane Ikegulu is an oracy coach who trains and grooms students as well as individuals on self-confidence, Phonetics and public speaking. She is a writer who delights in writing about the home and its challenges.

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