Russian Missiles Kill 37 In Ukraine, Gut Kyiv Children’s Hospital

Russia launched a missile bombardment on Ukrainian towns on Monday, killing over thirty-six people and destroying a children’s hospital in Kyiv. The action was denounced as a vicious assault on humanity.

Following the unusual daytime bombing, journalists on the ground witnessed dozens of volunteers, including medical professionals and rescue personnel, searching through wreckage from the Okhmatdyt pediatric hospital in a desperate attempt to find survivors.

According to President Volodymyr Zelensky, Russia fired hundreds of missiles against the capital and five other towns and cities in eastern and southern Ukraine.

At least 37 people were killed, including three children, with more than 170 wounded, Zelensky said.

The strikes damaged nearly 100 buildings, including multiple schools and a maternity hospital, he added.

The air force said air defence systems downed 30 projectiles.

“It is necessary to shoot down Russian missiles.” It is important to eliminate the Russian combat aircraft at their bases. It is vital to take bold actions that will not result in a security deficit,” Zelensky warned ahead of a NATO meeting where strengthening Ukraine’s air defences is anticipated to be a main priority.

Zelensky encouraged Ukraine’s partners to provide “a stronger response” to Russia’s strike and demanded that the UN Security Council hold an emergency meeting in response to the onslaught.

US President Joe Biden on Monday pledged “new measures” to strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses in the wake of the strikes.

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