President Tinubu Four Months Achievement in Humanitarian & Poverty Sector

With the inaugural anniversary of President Bola Tinubu’s administration coming up in a few days, Nigerians are eagerly awaiting his scorecard, however, the four months achievement has been released in the Humanitarian & Poverty Alleviation Sector as his administration approaches one in year in office

Below are the achievements

• Paid Conditional cash transfer of 25000 Naira to 3.2M verified poor and vulnerable households in Nigeria. (From CBN account directly to Beneficiaries account after verification and validation with NIN or BVN) working on coverage of 15M households for three months which keeps this as the Biggest social protection Intervention in Africa.

• Flagged off Market-Moni 2.0, which is the expanded Government Enterprise and Empowerment Programme(GEEP), with initial phase of 500,000 recipients getting N50,000 interest-free loans each, across the country in 109 markets of the 109 Senetorial zones in Nigeria. Market Sensitization and engagement of market women in rural areas ongoing.

• Unveiled and handed over, 40 housing units for 200 people in Zamfara, ie 40 internally displaced families

• Distribution of palliatives to over 500,000 internally displaced persons affected by flood, insecurity, humanitarian crises in kaduna, Borno, Niger, Lagos, ogun, Benue, etc

• Construction of two very low cost housing sample under Renewed Hope Shelter for the very poor and internally displaced persons, secured 10 hectares from Benue state government ; and handed over to the Federal Government with foundation for 40 units already laid in Benue state, Nigeria.

• Grant for vulnerable groups (20,000) paid to over 43,000 verified with biometrics to very poor Nigerians. In various states across the country.

• Signing and Adoption of African charter for rights for Protection of person living with Disabilities by President Bola Tinubu.

• Signing and adoption of African charter of rights for protection of Aged and old citizens By President Bola Tinubu.

• Verification of National social registration in collaboration with World Bank for 15.7m poor and vulnerable Households amounting to over 62M individuals across the country.

• Expansion of National social register to cover poor pensioner, Ex-military service men and families of fallen heroes, widows, and other vulnerable groups

• Free medical services for over 2000 with relief food items in Oko Agbo’s and other riverine community in Lagos state

• Federal Executive Council Approval for the creation of Humanitarian and Poverty Alleviation trust fund, which is expected to generate 5 Billion dollars to address Humanitarian crises and poverty Alleviation matters in Nigeria through donor assistance, Budgetary allocation, Philanthropic gestures and other innovative forms of resource mobilization

• Empowerment of over 25000 Nigerians with vocational skills in Adamawa and cross River state with startup equipments and micro- business registration.

• Strategic partnerships with World Bank, United nations Agencies like OCHA, European Union, UNICEF, UNDP, World food Programs, Bill and Melinda gate’s Foundation, Red Crescent, Islamic Development Bank, etc to form a coordinated approach to solve humanitarian crises with durable solution while contributing to the Trust Fund. Have secured commitments of up to 250 million USD for Nigeria so far.

• Launched and empowered 100,000 persons Living with disabilities and approved 10% of all humanitarian and social investments intervention for persons living with disabilities. POS business and other Business registrations for beneficiaries.

• Launched the Gazetted and simplified copy of the Disability regulation Law and called for states to domesticate the law across the country to protects rights of people living with disabilities.

• Payment of backlog debt of Npower Beneficiaries; Three Hundred and Sixty thousand (360,000) Nigerian Youths benefited from the debt clearance owed from past administration. Each of them received 30,000 in December 2023.

• Collaboration of Federal government with the Swedish, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirate, United Kingdom, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Netherlands governments and secured their commitments on areas of immediate support to Nigeria Humanitarian crises in affected states.

• Laid the foundation stone for the construction of 40 units of modern toilets for Alheri Leprosy Colony in Yangoji Kwali Area Council, of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

• ⁠Launched and flagged off implementation of indigenous craft and skills empowerment program for sustainable community development. This covered 5000 aged people.

• ⁠Humanitarian Crisis response in Magun and Bokos LGA of Platue state, following the Jos Plateau attack, Madugri of Borno state, Niger state and Benue state. Provided Relief materials, food stuff and other essentials for over 30,000 directly people affected.

• ⁠Dr Betta Edu is Chairman of ECOWAS committee on social Protection. West African recognition which clearly signifies Presidents Tinubu lead in providing social Protection for over 15m households in Nigeria. Largest social protection intervention on going in Africa

• ⁠Facilitated the return of over 400 refugees as well as their rehabilitation and reintegration. As the returned from Neighboring countries like Chad, Niger, etc

• ⁠Lead the world migration submit with resolution, to prevent irregular migration from Nigeria to Europe and other parts of the world. Especially youths that should support national growth and Development

• ⁠partnership with other MDAs, security forces like Army and Airforce to reach the hard to reach areas with vital humanitarian relief supplies and reduce humanitarian crises caused by insecurity.





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