Former UK Leader David Cameron Appointed Foreign Secretary

Former UK Prime Minister David Cameron has made a surprise return to frontline politics after British leader Rishi Sunak appointed him foreign secretary in a government reshuffle.

It was the latest reset for a prime minister whose party is badly lagging the Labour Party before an election expected next year, and the return of Cameron to government suggested Sunak wanted to bring in more centrist, experienced hands rather than appease the right of his party which supported Braverman.

Under fire from opposition lawmakers and members of the governing Conservative Party to eject Braverman, Sunak seemed to have brought forward a long-planned reshuffle to bring in allies and remove ministers he felt were not performing.

Sunak’s hand was forced when the ever-controversial Braverman defied Sunak last week in an unauthorised article accusing police of “double standards” at protests, suggesting they were tough on right-wing demonstrators, but easy on pro-Palestinian marchers.

The opposition Labour Party said that inflamed tensions between a pro-Palestinian demonstration and a far-right counter protest on Saturday, when nearly 150 people were arrested.

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