Serena Williams Expresses Her Love For Diss Track Against Drake

It appears that American former tennis player Serena Williams has sided with her countryman Kendrick Lamar in his current hip-hop feud with Canadian rapper Drake.

This is as she recently praised one of Lamar’s diss tracks targeted at Drake, ‘Not Like Us’ at the Essence Fest.

She admitted that she was in love with the song, describing it as “the hit of the summer.”

American Former Tennis Player Serena Williams
American Former Tennis Player Serena Williams

Williams added that whenever the song comes up, she vibes to it.

In her words;

“Oh, I love that song [‘Not Like Us’]. It’s the hit of the summer! Whew! When they play that jam, I’m jamming.”

Recall that American rapper, Rick Ross, was recently attacked in Drake’s native country, Canada, after he played ‘Not Like Us’ at a Toronto concert.

American Rapper, Kendrick Lamar
American Rapper, Kendrick Lamar

Kendrick Lamar and Drake began dissing each other after the former fired shots at the latter and J.Cole on Future and Metro Boomin’s ‘Like That.’

On the record, Lamar asserted that contrary to assumptions that he, Drake and J.Cole are currently the “big 3” in the hip-hop industry, he is the world’s biggest rapper.

Since then, J.Cole and Drake have replied by releasing their own diss records directed at Lamar; however, the former eventually apologized and deleted his diss track.

Drake, on the other hand, has continued to respond with bars to Lamar’s subsequent diss tracks, forcing the war to rage on.

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