Reps begin consultations on parliamentary govt bill, meet Dantata

Renowned business mogul, Aminu Dantatta, has backed the advocacy by the 60 members of the House of Representatives calling for the country to return to the parliamentary system of government.

Dantata made the commendation when he received some of the lawmakers led by the Minority Leader of the House, Kingsley Chinda, at his residence in Kano after they had presented the bill at plenary that they targeted 2031 latest for Nigeria to jettison the presidential form of government and return to the parliamentary system.

He said the parliamentary system is not only better for the country but “it’s cheaper, less cumbersome, and would enhance stability and easy to run.”

The elder statesman explained that the “parliamentary system is better and cheaper for Nigeria but the presidential system is very costly, especially with the current economic situation in the country.”

Dantata, who was a former member of parliament during the first republic, lauded the members for taking the bold step, and expressed hope that the 60 lawmakers would get more members in the National Assembly to support the project.

Nigeria practised the parliamentary system of government between 1960 and 1966.

The lawmakers argued that Nigeria should return to the parliamentary form of government because it is cheaper than the presidential form.

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