Our Faith Is Sacred – Woli Arole On Why He Keeps Receiving Invitations From Churches

Nigerian prominent content creator, Woli Arole, has revealed why, despite being a comedian, churches continue to invite him to participate in their programs.

The content creator spoke about his wonderful career and said that because he doesn’t cross his boundaries with his jokes, he continues to receive invitations from churches.

Woli Arole the Comedian
Woli Arole the Comedian

In his words;

“You can check all my content, I don’t blaspheme. Our faith is sacred. There are boundaries you must not cross because I feel all faiths are scared

“So, while I was active as a comedian, all I talked about was the positive vibes. There are things I must never say, there are some jokes you must not crack. And I think that is where faith people have issues with content creators,” he said.

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