One Step at a Time

I have come to realize that in this life, it is fruitless to be jealous or envious of other people’s achievement and success, this is because we do have different fate and destinies, it is also a waste of time comparing oneself to another, we are all unique and blossom at different times.

Like the adage says, ‘ Rome was not built in a day’, this is a constant reminder that life is all about one step at a time. For you to be a success, it must follow a process, due process, if I may add. You must start from the foundation to get to the roof top.

So, young man of seventeen years, you want to be wealthy, even wealthier than Elon Musk. That’s awesome! Then, you must go to school, go and write WASSCE or GCE and JAMB to secure admission into the university. If this is not possible, go and learn a trade. Be dutiful in it. The moment you acquire your certificate of completion, put in your best in earning a living out of it. Soon, you will be able to write external exams to gain admission into the university. I know of young men who own shops, supermarkets, some are even artistians and still go to school on part_time basis, some run full _time programs. This calls for discipline and obsession as passion is not reliable.

Pay attention, if you are not willing to go to school or learn a trade or get a job and diligently and steadily climb the ladder, then, you might get into the wrong side of the law. Mark it, you might join the other group who are interested in brewing human flesh to earn money. You must grow through the ranks, that’s how it goes, it is one step at a time.

If at nineteen, all you are thinking about is to drive the latest car, cruise around with girls, sleep in exotic hotels and not in be in the university, then, you are certainly going to get into trouble. Even, while you are in the university, you should focus on your studies, work hard to graduate with an excellent result.

Wealth gotten through ill means does not guarantee peace, it rather brings sorrow and anxiety., as well as suspicion. What is wealth that adds no joy and the lack of willingness to share and bequeath it to your loved ones and those in need? Wealth gotten through ill means is a curse and it does not last. Young people should learn to take life one step at a time, in the long run, you will be someone’s inspiration.

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Jane Ikegulu

Jane Ikegulu is an oracy coach who trains and grooms students as well as individuals on self-confidence, Phonetics and public speaking. She is a writer who delights in writing about the home and its challenges.

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