Federal Government Mandates Compulsory Payment for Airport Access


The Federal Government has announced a new policy requiring all individuals, including foreign guests, to pay for access into airports across Nigeria.

This directive, disclosed by the Minister of Aviation and Aerospace, Festus Keyamo, comes in the wake of the Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting held on Tuesday.

Keyamo emphasized that the decision was made to address revenue losses within the aviation sector, citing the low rate of payment for Electronic Tags (E-tags) as a significant contributing factor.

He highlighted that only 18% of E-tags printed are currently paid for, underscoring the need for comprehensive measures to bolster revenue streams.

Under the new policy, no individual, regardless of status, will be exempted from paying for airport access.

This includes Very Important Personalities (VIPs), as the government moves to eliminate instances of non-payment based on perceived privilege.

Furthermore, Keyamo emphasized the commitment of the President and Vice President to uphold the new policy, stressing that they too will adhere to the payment requirement.

In addition to the access fee policy, Keyamo addressed concerns regarding recent aircraft incidents, such as the skidding off runways, notably involving Dana Air.

He expressed disappointment at the lack of efficiency exhibited by some airliners and pledged to conduct thorough infrastructure audits of all airlines.

Airlines found to be inefficient or non-compliant will face stringent measures, including potential bans on operations.

The government’s proactive stance aims to enhance safety standards and accountability within the aviation industry, ensuring the protection of passengers and maintaining the integrity of air travel infrastructure.

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