Falz Recounts Terrifying Near-Death Experience

Popular Nigerian singer and rapper, Folarin Falana, known as Falz, has shared a harrowing experience from 2013 when he faced a life-threatening situation during a trip from Abuja.

In an interview on the latest episode of “Untapped” with media personality Gbemi O, Falz disclosed that he, along with his managers, Femisoro Ajayi and Sidney Sule, survived an attack by dangerous gunmen during the peak days of Boko Haram activities in Nigeria.

The incident occurred after performing at a wedding in Abuja, and the trio was traveling back to Lagos by car due to a lack of available flights.

Falz described the assailants as “turban-tying, AK47-wielding” men who ambushed their vehicle on the expressway. The attackers fired gunshots, resulting in the death of their driver.

Despite being in a forested area, which was a vulnerable location during the heightened Boko Haram insurgency, the group miraculously survived.

 Falz recalled the terrifying moments, including the sound of gunshots, their car heading for a ditch, and eventually losing consciousness.

He revealed that when the attackers retreated, they attempted to flag down passing cars for help, but none stopped. Eventually, a police officer and a doctor came to their aid.

Falz expressed his fear at the time that his parents might have discouraged him from pursuing his music career after such a traumatic experience.

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