Enugu Governor-Elect, Mbah Inaugurates Transition Committee, Wants Implementable Action Plan

Ahead of the May 29 take-off of his administration, the Governor-elect of Enugu State, Peter Mbah has inaugurated a 64-man Transition Committee, charging them to produce an implementable action plan in line with his manifesto for the transformation of the state.

According to Mbah who spoke at the ceremony which took place at the Old Government Lodge, Enugu, “The people of Enugu State chose us, believing that we are going to take them through a significant journey of growth, development, and greatness. We also chose you because we believe your skills, we are able to reduce this journey to an empirical and verifiable roadmap.

Speaking further, Mbah said ‘’So, we have taken the view of what Enugu can achieve in the next four to eight years. As you also know, Enugu has always played an important role in the developmental route of the country. And it is our hope that with the vision and dreams that we have, Enugu state can take back that top  position  that she has always played in the development of this country.’’

He noted that the growth level his administration plans to achieve his goals cannot come from the public sector alone, adding that it will happen through constructive investment and that will come largely from the private sector

“We have conceived a growth plan that is ambitious both in the economic and social indicators. Therefore, we talked about growing the economy from the current level of $4.4 billion to $30 billion. We talked about making sure that we achieve a zero percent rate in our poverty headcount index making Enugu state the preferred destination for investment, business, tourism, and living.

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