Eniol Ajao Unveils Reason Behind Keeping Son Away From Social Media


Nollywood star, Eniola Ajao, has disclosed the motive behind shielding her 21-year-old son from social media exposure.

Speaking to Seun Oloketuyi in an exclusive interview, Ajao shared that this decision predates her acting career and was primarily aimed at protect her son, Ayomide Daniel, from potential stigma associated with single motherhood.

“It was something I decided a long time ago before I even considered pursuing a career in the entertainment industry”, she said.

“When I had him, I worried that no man would want to marry me with a child, so I decided to keep it private. I kept many aspects of my life out of the public eye, including my son”, the actress added.

The actress revealed further that she felt revealing her son might affect her chances of finding a partner.

The movie star, however, added that she eventually revealed her son’s existence to the public after being perceived as a “young girl” by her colleagues.


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