Electing me, my greatest birthday gift says Tinubu

President-elect, Bola Tinubu, has showered praise on Nigerians, saying his election as the country’s next president is the greatest gift he could receive as he celebrates his 71st birthday.

In a message to the citizens he personally signed on Wednesday the privilege already granted him as the next number citizen of the country, he would not claim that he is due for any birthday presents this year.

He, however, declared that his campaign promises were not mere words professed glibly or cynically to win support, but that they represented his bond that binds him to the task of creating a better Nigeria for the benefit of every Nigerian.

“This year’s birthday is coming shortly after Nigerians have freely and enthusiastically mandated you to lead our country. Your patriotism, nationalism, boldness and courage have been acknowledged by the majority. It is a befitting birthday tribute that you are Nigeria’s next President, and even while you are taking a much needed time to reflect on all that needs to be done, your vision of a Nigeria that shall take its place of pride among the comity of the nation is resonating with all.

“As you celebrate today, we join in praying for a more prosperous future for your good self, the family and indeed our nation.

“We are confident in your ability and also proud of your accomplishments”.

Meanwhile, Tinubu has thanked Nigerians for the goodwill expressed towards him on the occasion of his 71st birthday.

“I received your kind words with great pleasure and was profoundly touched by the depth of your care and support. Above all, I thank God Almighty for the life He has given me, for all the opportunities and doors He has opened to me along the way”, he stated.

According to him, he has received the greatest birthday gift from Nigerians who elected him as their next president.

“This year in particular, I see this day as one of deep reflection. The spiritual meaning and significance of the holy month of Ramadan matter to me much more than the celebration of any individual milestone.

“Yet, this is my first birthday as the President-elect. A few weeks back, Nigerians gave me the honour of a lifetime. In exactly two months, on the 29th of May, my term in office will begin. It is a rare privilege indeed, and one that I do not take lightly and shall not squander.

“With such a privilege already granted to me, I will not go so far as to suggest I am due any birthday presents this year. I have already been given the greatest gift.

A chance to lead and fulfil destiny. An opportunity to champion your aspirations and to bring about the Nigeria of your dreams

“I will, instead, use this day as an opportunity to reiterate my commitment to the great and important task of rebuilding our nation and renewing the hope of the Nigerian people. I campaigned hard and made important promises. Those promises were not mere words; professed glibly or cynically to win support. They represent a bond that binds me to the task of creating a better Nigeria for the benefit of every Nigerian, whether you voted for me or not. I have prepared for this moment all my life, I will not fail”, he stated.

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