CBN will implement bold reforms that make economy work – Cardoso

Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Olawale Cardoso said the apex bank will continue to implement bold reforms that makes the economy works for everyone.

He spoke at the 2024 Annual Economic Discourse with the theme: “Reform in an era of Global Economic Uncertainty: Whither Nigeria”, in Lagos.

According to Cardoso, the recent measures introduced by the CBN to reform are already bearing fruit.

He said: “The theme, Reforms in the Era of Global Economic Uncertainties: Whither Nigeria, embodies for me the tough challenges and the trade-offs that policymakers worldwide are having to make or are having to navigate in response to the terrible headwinds and economic turbulence we all face.

In this era that has been aptly captured as a vocal era, which is the era of volatility, uncertainty, is characterized by choppiness of the headwinds that are dreaming by the unending stream of shocks in the global and the regional sphere.


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