Cyclone biparjoy disrupts power, kills two in india and pakistan

Roofs have been blown off houses and trees and electric poles uprooted, leaving thousands without power as a severe cyclone makes landfall and heavy rains lash both the Indian and Pakistani coasts.

At least two people died in India’s western state of Gujarat after being swept away by floods just before the cyclone hit, officials said on Friday.

Local media reported two cattle farmers in Bhavnagar city- a father and son were swept away as they entered a flooded ravine to save their goats.

No other cyclone-related deaths have been reported by Indian officials.

Pakistan has also not reported any casualties, but more than 80,000 people have been displaced from their homes along the coastal belt in Sindh.

More than 170,000 people in the two countries were evacuated from low-lying regions before the arrival of the cyclone.

The storm did other damage upon landfall, including uprooting trees and electricity poles. Officials in the coastal town of Mandvi said heavy winds threw some shipping containers into the sea at Mundra port, one of India’s largest ports.

The cyclone was expected to weaken later Friday and move toward the neighboring Indian state of Rajasthan on its way to southern Pakistan, which is still recovering from deadly flooding last year.

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