“Why She Go Dress Like This At Her Age” – Emmanuella Causes Chaos Online

In a video that has gone viral, comedy sensation Emmanuella is seen swaying her backside while wearing a fitted dress.

The teenage comedian posted a video of herself wearing a black gown with a side split.

She twisted and turned to show off in a way many have deemed to be inappropriate for a girl her age.

This has sparked various reactions online as seen below

@iniestaolobaby wrote: “Emmanuella don ripe o

Small girl of yesterday”

Elenrossi4 said: “Let them free this girl nah Abi they no wan make she grow?”

Joymart14 said: “Why she go dress like this at her age”

Sheeun11 wrote: “She’s just a kid… ”

Dreal_prosper said: “There’s nothing wrong her, emmauella is just living life like a normal female, people need to understand that she’s no longer the 6 year old we used to watch

She’s grown and she’s coming, they need to stop sxualizing her and let the young girl live her life”

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