UEFA Euro 2024 Oldest, Youngest Squads

Euro 2024, one of the most famous competitions in world football, begins tonight in Munich, finally bringing the anticipation to an end.

A month of intense activity packed with some of the biggest names in sports, like as Kylian Mbappé, Jude Bellingham, and Cristiano Ronaldo, is promised by the championship, which has 24 competing nations.

The opening game features the two oldest squads in the competition, Germany and Scotland.

This exciting kickoff highlights the intriguing mix of seasoned veterans and emerging talents that will define the competition, setting the stage for an unforgettable Euro 2024.

Also, all 24 participating teams have confirmed their squads for UEFA EURO 2024, which kicks off on Friday, June 14 (tonight), and runs until July 14.

Transfermarkt on Friday revealed the oldest and youngest average of the squads partaking in the tournament.

Oldest Squads at Euro 2024

The average age of the squads participating in Euro 2024 highlights a mix of experience and youth across the tournament. Here are the oldest squads:

Germany – 28.5 years

Scotland – 28.3 years

Poland – 27.8 years

Denmark – 27.7 years

Croatia – 27.7 years

Switzerland – 27.7 years

Hungary – 27.4 years

Serbia – 27.4 years

Slovenia – 27.3 years

Albania – 27.3 years

Despite having an ageing squad, Germany, under Julian Nagelsmann, remains a formidable force.

The team, which includes young talents like Florian Wirtz and Jamal Musiala, will rely on their experience and home advantage as they face Scotland tonight in Munich.

The Scottish squad, managed by Steve Clarke, also features a veteran lineup with nine players over 30 years old.

Youngest Squads at Euro 2024

Contrasting the experienced teams, several nations have brought youthful squads to the tournament:

Czech Republic – 25.5 years

Turkey – 25.8 years

England – 26.1 years

Netherlands – 26.3 years

#Ukraine – 26.3 years

Italy – 26.5 years

Austria – 26.8 years

Belgium – 26.9 years

#France – 26.9 years

Portugal – 27 years

The Czech Republic leads the way with the youngest squad, featuring promising talents like Adam Hlozek.

Meanwhile, England, France, and Portugal—three of the tournament’s favourites—also field relatively young squads, blending youth with experience to create balanced and dynamic teams.

Opening Game: Germany vs. Scotland

Tonight’s opening match between Germany and Scotland is set to be an intriguing contest.

While Germany is the host and favourite, Scotland will be determined to make a strong start despite being the underdogs.

With both teams boasting some of the oldest squads in the tournament, the match will be a clash of experience and tactical nous.

Bellingham’s England, Mbappe’s France, and Ronaldo’s Portugal are the top contenders for the title, but with Germany’s home advantage and a talented lineup, they are certainly dark horses.

The Olympiastadion in Berlin will host the final on July 17th, and all eyes will be on which nation lifts the trophy.

As the tournament unfolds, fans can look forward to a month of thrilling football, dramatic moments, and the emergence of new stars on the international stage.


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