‘Technology will not replace humans’: Bill Gates believes three-day workweek possible

Billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates who believes that technology could allow a three-day work week said ‘Technology will not replace humans!’

The 68-year-old Microsoft co-founder showed optimism that technology would free up labour for more constructive work when asked about the threat of intelligence to jobs.

Gates in a podcast discussed employment, technology, and the purpose of life. ‘Don’t have to work so hard. There is more to life than working jobs. It’s probably OK if you eventually live in a culture where your job requires you to work three days a week or something similar.”

He depicted a world in which labour-intensive human labour is eliminated by machines performing necessary tasks and drew parallels with generational shifts in labour.

The billionaire outlined how a father doing a variety of jobs evolved from a grandfather who thought farming was the only real job. He also said that contrary to popular belief, only 2% of Americans work as farmers today.

According to Gates, technological progress can be beneficial if it happens at a reasonable rate and the government helps people who are adjusting to the changes. He emphasized how crucial it is to support people in learning new skills in order to ensure a smooth transition.

“With the help of software, things become more productive. Eventually, you know, you can have smaller class sizes and better assist the elderly if you free up human labour. You know, if you have the necessary skills, there is still a need for labour to accomplish good things,” he added.

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