Spyro Responds to Controversy Over Performance at Church Carol Service

Nigerian singer Oludipe David, popularly known as Spyro, has addressed the recent controversy surrounding his performance at the Harvesters International Gospel Centre’s Christmas carol service in Lagos.

The artist faced criticism for performing his hit song “Only Fine Girl” during a drama presentation at the event.

In a post shared on his official platform, Spyro took a moment to clarify his stance and address the backlash he received. He emphasized that, as a celebrity, he has the right to serve and worship God just like any other member of the church.

The artist stated, “Just saw myself and Pastor Bolaji has been getting dragged because I did a drama ministration in church. Let me make something very clear. I have been a member of Harvesters for over 7 years, and I serve in two departments.”

Spyro went on to explain that the video circulating on the internet was from a drama presentation at the church’s annual carol service called Fantasia.

He highlighted that the carol service was open to everyone and free of charge, with tickets provided at no cost.

Addressing the misconception that his celebrity status should exempt him from participating in church activities, Spyro expressed, “Because I’m a celebrity doesn’t make me human? I can serve God like the rest of you. So please understand that I’m human, a Christian, and I serve in a real church. Thanks.”

This response from Spyro aims to set the record straight and underline the principle that celebrity status does not diminish an individual’s right to actively participate in religious activities and worship.


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