Senator Ningi resigns as chairman Northern Senators Forum after Suspension



Senator Abdul Ningi, who represents Bauchi State, has made the decision to step down as the chairman of the Northern Senators forum due to his suspension from the Red Chamber.

This suspension was a result of Ningi’s statement claiming that the 2024 budget had been padded with an additional N3.7 trillion.

According to Ningi, this extra amount was not allocated to any specific project in the budget.

In response, the Senate passed a resolution to suspend Ningi for three months, stating that there was no evidence to support his claim.

As a result of this suspension, Ningi has submitted his resignation letter as the chairman of the Northern Senators Forum.

In his letter, he expresses his gratitude to the forum for the opportunity to lead for the past eight months.

He also emphasizes the importance of this forum for the progress and development of Northern Nigeria.


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