Senate Resolves to Host National Summit on Grazing and Farmers/Herders Clashes

The Nigerian Senate has adopted a resolution to organize a national summit involving key stakeholders and farmers to address the persistent issue of grazing and the clashes between farmers and herders.

This summit aims to guide the Senate in enacting necessary legislation to resolve the conflict.

The resolution followed a motion sponsored by Senator Isah Jibrin, presented under orders 41 and 51, emphasizing the urgent need for the rehabilitation of four communities in the Omala Local Government Area (LGA) of Kogi State.

These communities—Agojeju Odo, Ajokpachi Odo, Bagaji, and Bagana—have been severely affected by attacks and killings perpetrated by gunmen.

Senator Jibrin highlighted the dire consequences of these attacks, revealing that over 500 citizens have been killed, and public and private properties worth hundreds of millions of naira have been destroyed.

The senator’s account of the devastation underscored the urgency for comprehensive legislative action to address and prevent such violence.

The debate that followed was emotionally charged, with senators expressing varied perspectives on how to tackle the issue. Some lawmakers advocated for an outright ban on open grazing as a necessary measure to curb the violent clashes between farmers and herders.

Other senators voiced dissatisfaction with the military’s reliance on financial support from state governors, arguing that this dependence undermines the effectiveness and independence of military operations in addressing security challenges.

The proposed national summit will serve as a platform for a broad range of stakeholders including farmers, herders, security agencies, and community leaders to discuss and develop actionable solutions.

The insights and recommendations from this summit are expected to inform the upper chamber’s legislative efforts to create sustainable and effective laws aimed at resolving the ongoing conflict.

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