Samsung Workers Begin Three-day Strike over Pay

Workers at Samsung Electronics have initiated a three-day strike on Monday to request improved pay and working conditions, local media reported.

The National Samsung Electronics Union, which represents approximately 30,000 employees or one-fourth of the largest conglomerate in South Korea’s total workforce, is pushing for enhancements to the performance-based bonus structure and an extra day of annual leave, local news has reported.

This strike, considered to be the biggest organized labor protest in the country’s history, is planned to continue for three days, starting on July 8 and ending on July 10. Despite this timeframe, the union has indicated that additional strikes could take place if their demands are not addressed.

The potential impact of the strike on production remains uncertain, with the company stating that previous labor actions have not had a notable impact on business operations.

The move follows a one-day walkout in June, the first such collective action at the company, which went decades without unionization.

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