Rangers fined N5m after matchday mayhem vs Enyimba

Rangers International FC was fined N5 million by the Nigeria Premier Football League for various violations committed during Sunday, June 9’s Match Day 35 match at the Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium in Enugu versus Enyimba International FC.

Rangers broke multiple league rules during the unfortunate meeting, according to a letter dated June 10 that the NPFL Chief Operating Officer, Davidson Owumi, sent to the team.

On Sunday, there was drama in Enugu during the highly-anticipated game between Enugu Rangers and reigning champions Enyimba, as the game was abandoned deep into stoppage time as a result of fans invasion.

With the game still goalless in added time, centre referee John Ojeleye awarded the home side a penalty but the away fans were said to have invaded the pitch in protest, leaving the game abandoned.

Ruling its verdict on Monday, the letter noted that topping the list of offences, Rangers was found to have violated Rule B15.24, as the club over-ticketed the match, leading to overcrowding at the stadium. This transgression alone drew a fine of N2m.

Furthermore, the club was cited for failing to provide adequate and effective security measures, contravening Rule B13.52. This lapse attracted a fine of N1m.

Accordingly, Rangers also fell foul of Rule B13.52.1, failing to implement adequate and effective crowd control measures, resulting in an additional fine of N1m.

Also, the club was deemed to have breached Rule B13.52 by failing to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to restricted areas, leading to a further fine of N1m.

Consequently, the NPFL has imposed a total fine of N5m on Rangers International FC for the various infractions.

In addition to the financial penalties, the league has ordered Rangers to “implement a more effective crowd control mechanism in subsequent home games.”

Rangers have further been given 48 hours to either submit to the summary jurisdiction and the prescribed sanctions or elect to be dealt with by a disciplinary panel. Failure to comply or a frivolous appeal may result in additional sanctions, as per Rule E1 of the NPFL’s Frameworks and Rules.

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