Nigeria’s national grid collapses again, electricity drops to 42.7WM


Nigeria’s electrical supply has once again plummeted, with power output falling from a peak of 3,594.60 megawatts (MW) at midnight to a pitiful 42.7MW as of the time of filling in this report.

At 11:32am all of the commercial hub of Lagos lost power supply from the grid. It is now blamed to be a national system collapse.

This is the third collapse in less than a month that the Nigerian national grid has collapsed, and it comes barely five days after the grid collapsed twice within a space of more than 12 hours.

The national grid’s failure has caused a blackout, leaving millions Nigerians without energy. The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) has not yet made a comment regarding the reason for the collapse. The lack of suitable infrastructure, issues with the gas supply, and transmission system limitations are still likely to be to blame.

Nigeria’s economy and development have suffered significantly as a result of the national grid’s failure. According to estimates, Nigeria loses billions of dollars a year as a result of power disruptions. The outages lower Nigerians’ quality of life by making it challenging for individuals to work, study, and operate their companies.

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