Nigerian Students Threaten Street Protests Over Welfare Issues in Osun State

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), Osun Joint Campus Committee (JCC), has issued a stern warning, declaring that its members across the state will take to the streets in protest if Governor Ademola Adeleke fails to address pressing issues concerning students’ welfare.

Representing the group, Ogungbe Taiwo expressed deep concern over the indiscriminate hike in school fees at state-owned higher institutions and the deplorable state of facilities, including road networks, on various campuses in the state.

He emphasized that the prevailing economic hardship in the country has exacerbated the challenges faced by students, compounded further by the lack of welfare packages such as mobility aid and scholarships.

Taiwo outlined the demands of the student body, which include the immediate reversal of the increased school fees in Osun State-owned institutions.

He underscored the urgency of the situation, warning of mass mobilization and relocation of their Secretariat to the Governor’s office if swift action is not taken.

Expressing disappointment with the government’s neglect of student welfare, Taiwo lamented the implementation of anti-student policies and urged Governor Ademola Adeleke to prioritize the concerns of students.

He reiterated the call for adequate palliatives and infrastructure improvements to enhance the learning environment on campuses, highlighting the dire condition of road networks and substandard lecture halls.

Despite previous communication with government authorities, Taiwo noted a persistent indifference to students’ grievances.

Consequently, the student body issued a seven-day ultimatum for the government to address their demands, warning of peaceful protests and roadblocks in the state capital, Osogbo, if their concerns remain unaddressed.

These demands, Taiwo emphasized, reflect the collective voice of students across higher institutions in Osun State and have been endorsed by student union presidents.

The student body implored the government to heed their calls and prioritize the welfare and rights of Nigerian students.

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