Nasboi Fires Back At Yhemolee’s Over Comment On Making Music.

Renowned skit maker Nasboi has opened up on his feelings of being down-talked by socialite, Yhemolee, who disapproved of his move from comedy to music.

This follows an interview in which Yhemolee discussed his thoughts on Nasboi’s recently released song, “Umbrella,” saying the skit maker’s voice does not match the masculine tone required for making music.

Yhemolee’s revelation has prompted insinuation from the public that it is a PR stunt planned between Nasboi and Yhemolee to promote the song which Nasboi rebuffs

In his words; “That’s no fucking PR from Yhemo men! I respect him and I don’t need to be disrespected that way. My colleagues did their best in trying to promote my music and some other colleague is here talking my shit down and you think is PR? I don’t chase stupid clout”.

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