Late Mohbad’s Management Sues His Father

A lawsuit for defamation of character has reportedly been filed by the late singer Mohbad’s management against Mohbad’s father. They seek the removal of his disparaging remarks and N200 million in damages.

Recall that the singer’s father said in an interview that his late son, who was 26 years old, had a will.

He had claimed that the aforementioned will was thumb-printed rather than signed, and that he was unaware of this until after Mohbad had gone.

Earlier, his management issued a statement refuting the report, adding that, to the best of their knowledge, such a will is unheard of and unreal.

According to a court letter purportedly delivered by Mohbad’s management via their attorneys, Mohbad’s father has been sued and is being asked to retract his “slanderous” remarks with an apology.

In addition, Mohbad’s management is requesting N200 million in damages.

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