Nigerian Artiste, Lanre Teriba along with other notable musicians across Africa put on a show at the just concluded 8th The African Film Festival (TAFF), held in the City of Dallas, United States.

The festival which was organized to celebrate African Film industry featured 50 film submissions and drew a wide audience, starting on June 1 and ended on June 3.
Visitors to the festival welcomed the exploration of Africa and its diaspora through global perspective and the voices of brilliant filmmakers, producers, and artistes.
Nigerian Comedian, Edo Charles served as the festival’s master of ceremony, as Lanre Teriba of Nigeria, Naira Ali of Uganda and NaturalVybz of St. Lucia put on a great performance to the thrill of those in attendance.

The highlight of the occasion includes the presentation of Awards which were handed to hosts of nationalists from Nigeria, Kenya, South Africa, the Gambia, Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, Zambia, Malawi, Ethiopia, and the United States, Local authorities also received honorary prizes.
Dr. Lee, commonly known as the “Grandmother of Juneteenth,” received the TAFF Legend Award.

The founder and director of TAFF, Kelechi Eke, In his statement, praised colleagues and filmmakers for their tenacious pursuit of conveying African narratives urging them to carry on telling African stories well, describing them as the real winners of the event.

Eke also expressed gratitude to the African community in Dallas for their unwavering support of the event and filmmakers. However, the date for submission of the next festival was also announced and film makers were encouraged to be ready as Submission would begin August 1st 2023. He ended by promising to keep doing his share to promote African films and help bring different cultures together through African films.

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