ICT: NDPB To Train 250,000 Nigerians Within 5 Years

The Ecosystem of Data Protection and Privacy has been described as one Sector with immense potentials to create jobs and improve the well being of Nigerians.

The National Commissioner, Nigeria Data Protection Bureau (NDPB), Vincent Olatunji revealed this at a one-day capacity building Workshop on Data Protection and Privacy for members of the Nigeria Information Technology Reporters Association (NITRA) in Abuja.

Olatunji said that about 490,000 job opportunities are on offer in the Sector, just as he expects Nigerians to make the most of the opportunities.

“We have over 490,000 job opportunities waiting for us. The people have the skills required to fill these positions. The global standard is having a comprehensive understanding of the field. If you possess the necessary expertise, you can work anywhere.

“The Federal Government’s agenda is to create 2 million jobs within 24 months. Considering that the data ecosystem offers approximately 490,000 jobs, the impact of data protection becomes evident,” Olatunji explained.

While he highlighted the place of Data Processing and Protection in the global digital economy, the National Commissioner noted that the bureau is finalizing details on certification mechanisms targeted at building the capacity of about 50,000 Nigerians every year and 250,000 in 5 years.

He tasked Journalists on accurate and precise reporting of the Data Ecosystem as this would bolster the interest of the general public in the Sector.

“In Nigeria, we have about 500,000 data controllers and processors, and according to law, each of these data controllers is meant to have a Data Protection Officer (DPO) that ensures data protection compliance by the controller.

“In Nigeria presently, we are barely 10,000 certified DPOs, and that number is not commensurate with the number of data controllers in the country.”

“This ecosystem has the potential to generate employment. DPOs are required to collaborate with us in case of any incidents. They are mandated to report to us within 72 hours,” he maintained.

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