“Dancing Was The Art Form In Which I Found Solace” – Kaffy

Nigerian dancer Kaffy, has revealed that she began dancing to find solace.

She described how her parents’ divorce had pushed her to find comfort in dancing.

At a fitness awareness event in the National Stadium Lagos, she claimed to have “given people life” with her dancing abilities.

In her words:

“Before I even thought of dancing as a profession, I always saw it as something to help me with my mental health.

“And growing up in that average Nigerian household, you have divorced parenting. You are trying to navigate through life as a young teenager. Dancing was the art form in which I found solace. I used it as an escape to somewhere I could become something.

And when I related with others in the social environment, I found out that people needed some escape. I started exploring that at the national stadium until I found the entertainment space.”

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