I Still Cry Whenever I Watch Breath Of Life – Chimezie Imo

AMVCA winner, Chimezie Imo shares why he breaks up in tears whenever he watches his movie, Breath of Life.

Recall that the 32-year-old actor won the trailblazer award at the African Movie Viewers’ Choice Awards in May, 2024 for his role as Elijah in Breath of Life.

He revealed, in a recent interview, that the movie still gets him emotional whenever he sees it.

Award Winning Movie, Breath of Life
Award Winning Movie, Breath of Life

Imo said that the intent of the movie wasn’t to get people to cry, as they were only telling a story through it.

He admitted that he cries anytime he watches the movie, and he believes that most people weep because what Elijah experienced in the film resonates with them, and they can feel the same way he does.

In his words;

“Whenever I watch the movie, I still cry. We were just trying to tell a story; there was no attempt to make people cry. But, people watched it, and they felt what the character felt. I tried my best to be Elijah (the character) and transmit every emotion that he felt. I tried to understand his journey, why he is how he is, and I tried to portray him in the most honest way I possibly could. And, that moved people to tears. I guess I did a decent job.”

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