FG will focus on metering, power distribution – Minister

The short-term focus of the Federal Government in the power sector is to prioritise metering, electricity distribution and transmission to enhance power supply nationwide, the Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, has said.

He disclosed this during the 3rd Roundtable on Enforcement of Technical Standards, Regulations and Mandate of the Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency, according to a statement from the power ministry on Tuesday.

Adelabu highlighted the upcoming power sector strategy roadmap, emphasising a bottom-up approach to prioritise impact over the previous top-down strategies.

The minister was quoted as saying, “We will focus on customers, down to distribution and transmission infrastructures in the short term, ensuring a significant portion of currently generated power reaches consumers.”

He also said that attention would be given to the generation segment of the sector, particularly in distributed power (embedded) from renewable energy sources, while concurrently advancing baseload power through thermal and hydro plants in the medium to long term.

The minister spoke on regional energy potentials, citing solar energy in the North, small hydropower plants in the middle belt and South-West, hybridised with solar for maximum output.

Coastal cities were identified for wind energy utilisation, as Adelabu explained that these strategies would be revealed after a forthcoming retreat with electricity value chain stakeholders.

He urged NEMSA to adapt to the decentralisation of the sector, with state governments participating under the new Electricity Act of 2023.

He assured NEMSA of the Federal Government’s support, acknowledging the increased responsibilities at both federal and state levels.

Highlighting the devolution of powers to states through the Electricity Act 2023, Adelabu stressed NEMSA’s role as the lead enforcer of technical and regulatory standards.

He encouraged collective efforts toward achieving the government’s mandate for regular and sustainable power supply.

The Chief Executive Officer, NEMSA, Tukur Aliyu, outlined the agency’s responsibilities under the Electricity Act 2023, including the endorsement of technical standards and regulations, inspection, testing, and certification of electricity installations and instruments.

The minister concluded by pledging collaboration with the National Council on Power to develop the integrated National Electricity Policy and Strategic Implementation Plan for submission to the Federal Executive Council.

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