Cameroon Landslide: At Least 23 Dead

A landslide caused by heavy rainfall has killed at least 23 people in Cameroon’s capital Yaounde, firefighters said on Monday, as they searched for more victims.

Landslides are frequent during the rainy season in Yaounde, where houses are sometimes built precariously on the city’s many hills.

The latest incident occurred on Sunday evening in the district of Mbankolo, northwest of Yaounde, which is home to nearly three million people.

Torrential rain caused a dam holding back an artificial lake sitting on higher ground to burst.

According to authorities from the fire service department, told reporters at the scene that “yesterday we pulled out 15 people who had died and this morning we have found eight.”

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Comfort Samuel

I work with TV360 Nigeria, as a broadcast journalist, producer and reporter. I'm so passionate on what I do.

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