Speakership: Shettima, Adamu under pressure to stop ‘aggrieved aspirants coalition’

The Speakership position of the 10th National Assembly has taken a new turn as aspirants are now seeking to form a consensus candidate to tackle Tajudeen Abbas.

Recall that aggrieved lawmakers — Muktar Betara, Idris Wase, Aminu Jaji, Alhassan Doguwa, and Sada Soli — allied in a bid to battle Abbas, the candidate endorsed by the President-elect, Bola Tinubu.

Confirming the move to produce a consensus candidate among themselves, Betara on Friday said, “We can pick the candidate from among ourselves, but we’ll all sit down and decide on it. I assure all of you it is only one person that God would choose to be Speaker.

“I assure you we are not going to have any issues. We are going to agree to support one of us as the Speaker.”

Also, it was earlier reported that Abbas and the Joint Task had visited the vice president-elect to intervene in the battle.

In the meeting which took place in Abuja, Abbas affirmed that conversations with Wase, Betara, Onuoha and others are ongoing.

“I will take it upon myself to reach out to the other contenders. Rt Hon Betara is my brother. We are from the same subregion, we are from the same state and I have the best relationship with him. I met him two nights ago, I will sustain that.

Both Shettima and Betara hail from Borno State, however, Shettima has kept mum on the Speakership race. Some leaders of the party have turned to him to address the issue.

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