Attack drones hit Moscow as Kyiv struck for third day

A swarm of drones hit Moscow on Tuesday in an unprecedented attack and Russian drones struck Kyiv for a third straight day as Ukraine gears up for a major offensive against Russian forces.

The Russian defence ministry blamed Kyiv for the attacks on Moscow and the surrounding region, which left two people lightly injured and what it said was “minor” damage to buildings.

Two residential buildings that were hit are located in the affluent South-Western part of the Russian capital and near the city centre. One of them is close to a popular park.

Two drones were intercepted over the Kremlin earlier this month but this was the first time that unmanned aerial vehicles hit residential areas of Moscow, which is located hundreds of kilometres from the front lines in Ukraine.

The Russian defence ministry said that eight drones were used in the attack.

The ministry said in a statement on social media that “all the enemy drones” were either downed or disabled.

Since the start of Russia’s assault on Ukraine, drone attacks have hit targets outside Moscow, including military installations located far from the front.

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