“You Haven’t Seen Your Daughter For 2 Christmas 1 Birthday” – Teebillz Cautions Davido

Talent manager Teebillz reveals his chat with Davido, in which he accuses the Grammy Nominee of abandoning his daughter Imade for more than two years.

In a widely shared tweet, the ex-husband of Tiwa Savage attributed Davido’s incapacity to see his daughter to those he surrounds himself with.

In his words: “After much pleading with Sophia to let you see your daughter and she agreed with lighter conditions. “Tee Billz dey beg to talk to you” is the narrative from your ungrateful, Evil soul. I told you those idiots that you surround yourself with are your major problems! You haven’t seen your daughter for 2 Christmas 1 birthday and no one in your camp could advise you that’s hell of wrong. The Narrative of Sophia doesn’t want you to see your daughter will be exposed with receipts! No more bullying the poor lady… #UNGRATEFUL

I thought i sensed a true cry for help of a Father, dying to see his daughter I dint know I was dealing with a senseless Frog Head. I gave you too many chances behind closed doors not to Fuck with my Kindness! You going to need more ppl on your Management & PR Team….. Daddy Can’t Save You on This One Boy! You fucked with the wrong person DAVID ADELE. I’m just getting warmed up! It’s not a Threat like I told Bobo.”

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