“We Don’t Have To Die To Be Remembered & Celebrated” – Terry G

Gabriel Oche Amanyi popularly known as Terry G, angrily calls out his colleagues on their constant behavior of ignoring his messages, unlike when he was a household name.

Through his Instagram profile, the musician expressed his dismay at some of his colleagues’ lack of response, even though he made an effort to stay in touch with them throughout trying times.

He bemoaned the seeming lack of interest in him and questioned the justice of their treatment of him.

Terry G further reminded his colleagues of instances when he had extended help to them in the past but in return, no one reciprocated his efforts.

“You go wrote your fellow artiste, e no go respond. When everybody came to G, they received hits. We don’t have to die to be remembered & celebrated. At the end of the day. We all contribute to the global music library of sounds. Just in case. I am back. Thank you for the wait,” he stated.

He uploaded a video in a different post, sharing his thoughts about how hurtful it is to be ignored and thinking about the fake love he’d receive after passing away.

“But this isn’t fair na, you will write to your fellow artist, he wouldn’t respond. Make una remember, when it was in my time, you all came to me and I gave you guys hits. Now I am chatting you guys up, you don’t want to respond. Is it until I die before you guys would do remembrance for me? Na so Nigerian music be, make una reason am oo,” he said.

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