UN expresses concern about students arrests at U.S. universities during pro-Palestine protests

The UN human rights office voiced concern about the detention of hundreds of students during demonstrations in support of Palestine at US universities.

According to Spokesperson, Jeremy Laurence, “We’re very concerned by the arrests of hundreds of students at U.S. universities, and a number of cases that are quite heavy-handed response by the police to the protests”.

Underlining that rights to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly are “fundamental,” Laurance said, “Everyone has a right to peacefully protest, and they shouldn’t be obstructed in doing so.”

He said the office is aware of reports about “antisemitism” and “anti-Islamism” at the protests, adding that they should also be condemned and stopped.

“People have the right to protest and (express their) political views as long as they respect. Their political views, in this case, with respect to what’s happening in Gaza, that they’re allowed to air their opinion and express their views on the events that are unfolding that which are tragic, we know that,” he said. “They should be entitled to express those views.”

Pro-Palestine student protests in the U.S. started days ago at Columbia University and spread to other universities and colleges.

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