UK lawmakers set to punish former PM Johnson for ‘Partygate lies’


British Members of Parliament  have voted Monday June, 19 on a incriminating report that found that former prime minister, Boris Johnson, deliberately lied to parliament about lockdown-breaking parties.

The report which the government hopes will be the final chapter in the damaging “Partygate” scandal, comes at a time of mounting political problems for Rishi Sunak’s Conservative government as stubbornly high inflation and constantly rising interest rates inflict economic pain on voters.

The parliament’s Privileges Committee, in a scathing 106-page report on Thursday found him guilty of “repeated contempts (of parliament) and… seeking to undermine the parliamentary process”.

“The contempt was all the more serious because it was committed by the prime minister, the most senior member of the government,” the report said, adding there was “no precedent for a prime minister having been found to have deliberately misled the house”.

Johnson has rejected the report by the committee, claiming he has been the victim of a stitch-up by political opponents and a “kangaroo court”.

Johnson led the Conservative Party to a landslide victory at the last general election in December 2019.

But he was forced to quit as prime minister last July due to Partygate and a string of other scandals.

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