UEFA Opens Disciplinary Proceedings Against Serbia Over Fan Behaviour

UEFA announced on Monday the initiation of disciplinary proceedings against the Football Association of Serbia (FSS) following alleged inappropriate behaviour by its fans during the Euro 2024 qualifying match against England.

The charges leveled against the FSS include “throwing of objects” and “transmitting a provocative message unfit for a sports event,” according to a statement from the European football governing body.

The UEFA Control, Ethics and Disciplinary Body (CEDB) will review and decide on the matter in due course.

Additionally, tensions between Kosovo and Serbia have led both nations to file complaints against each other with UEFA over incidents related to the same match.

Serbia alleged that a Kosovo journalist made an Albanian nationalist gesture, while the Kosovo Football Federation (FFK) reported “racist messages” from Serbian fans.

The FFK accused Serbian supporters of displaying “flags, slogans and chants… with political, chauvinistic and racist messages against Kosovo.”

The relationship between Serbia and Kosovo remains fraught, with historical and political tensions frequently impacting the sports arena.

Following a conflict between ethnic Albanian rebels seeking Kosovo’s independence and Serbian forces that resulted in around 13,000 deaths—mostly ethnic Albanians—Kosovo declared independence from Serbia in 2008. Serbia has not recognized this declaration, although around 100 countries have.

Despite Serbia’s efforts to prevent its inclusion, Kosovo gained full membership in UEFA and FIFA in 2016. However, Kosovo did not qualify for Euro 2024.

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