U.S. aid debate pushed to 2024 as Ukraine continues to battle Russian drones

The United States Senate will not vote on an aid package for Ukraine this year, chamber leaders have said.

Democratic and Republican negotiators continue to seek a compromise on the delayed funding deal to support Kyiv as it defends against Russia’s invasion, a joint statement released on Tuesday said. Ukraine has become increasingly desperate to secure funding from the West in recent weeks, with political delays to both US and European Union aid bolstering Russian confidence amid the bogged-down conflict.

Having already handed Ukraine about $100bn in aid since the February 2022 invasion, President Joe Biden has asked the lower house Congress to approve another $60bn. However, Republicans have blocked the move, using the issue to demand new immigration legislation.

Meanwhile, work is continuing in the upper house Senate to reach a compromise.

“As negotiators work through remaining issues, it is our hope that their efforts will allow the Senate to take swift action … early in the new year,” Democrat Chuck Schumer and Republican Mitch McConnell said in the statement.

“Challenging issues remain,” the statement continued, referring to US interests in Ukraine, Israel, the Indo-Pacific and along its southern border with Mexico. “The Senate will not let these national security challenges go unanswered.”

For the remainder of the year, negotiators would “continue to work in good faith toward finalising their agreement”, they added.

However, it is not clear that any deal reached in the Democratic-majority Senate would win support in the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, where a significant number of party hardliners oppose providing additional funding.

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