TV360 Launches iOS App , Ready For Download

Nigeria’s first exclusive online television news channel based in Lagos, TV360 has launched its iPhone Operating System (iOS) as part of its vision to expand the frontiers of credible news dissemination.

Making the announcement on Thursday evening , the Chief Operating Officer , Deji Bademosi excitedly looks forward to seeing the channel reach a new audience through the download of the iOS APP, which will make them  hooked to the array of programmes from news, current affairs, documentaries , sport , entertainment transmitted 24/7 on the channel.

“All our old and new audience need to do is just to go to their Apple phone app store and download TV360 app from there to enjoy our refreshing broadcast 24/7” Bademosi said.

The launch of the iOS will complement other  platforms like Android Operating System , Limex World , Facebook , Youtube and tv360nigeria.com through which  the news channel is accessible.

TV360 as an ubiquitous channel  prides itself as the news channel that strongly upholds the long established journalistic principles of TRUTH ,BALANCE and FAIRNESS because we believe there is no one side to a story.

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TV360 Nigeria

Nigeria's first exclusive online television news channel. We strongly uphold journalistic principles of TRUTH, BALANCE & FAIRNESS in our reportage & we believe there is no one side to a story.

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