Tinubu, governors mull establishment of state police, to work out implementation

President Bola Tinubu has met with state governors in Abuja during which they considered “the possibility of setting up state police.”

Details of the meeting were disclosed by Information Minister Mohammed Idris who addressed journalists after the meeting.

“Now, there is also a discussion around the issue of state police. The federal government and the state governments are mulling the possibility of setting up state police,” Mr Idris said.

Idris said that attendees at the meeting agreed on the need for state police but more discussions are still needed on how to implement it.

“Of course, this is still going to be further discussed. A lot of work has to be done in that direction. Both the federal government and the state governments agree to the necessity of having state police, now this is a significant shift. But like I said, more work needs to be done in that direction.”

The president’s meeting with the governors comes amid a recent surge in insecurity across the country. Various armed groups operate in different parts of the country, exploiting the absence of police and local administration.

To address this, Idris says President Tinubu and the state governors discussed the possibility of improving the numerical strength of forest rangers and training them so that they can keep forests and borders safe.

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