The Holy Bible Is What I Bring To The Table In A Relationship – Dj Cuppy

Nigerian disk jockey, DJ Cuppy has shared what she will be offering in a relationship.

The billionaire heiress, who was just baptized in a UK church, says she brings the Holy Bible to the table.

She revealed this while joining the viral social media ‘What do you bring to the table’ challenge, which implies what a partner can offer in a relationship or marriage.

Nigerian Disc Jockey DJ Cuppy
Nigerian Disc Jockey DJ Cuppy

On her X handle, Cuppy shared: “‘What do you bring to the table?’

“Me: Holy Bible.”

The music star recently shared updates on her spiritual growth with fans.

She explained that embracing her faith has made her realise that being beautiful is more than just an outward appearance.

According to her, true beauty is about inner peace, purpose, and self-worth.

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