State police: Falana Urges Clear Jurisdiction, Warns against Oppression

Renowned human rights lawyer Femi Falana has advocated for well-defined policies to govern the implementation of state police systems in the country.

Speaking in a televised interview with newsmen on Friday, Falana, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, supported the establishment of state police nationwide.

He emphasized the importance of revisiting the constitutional provisions and refining policies before the introduction of state police to ensure the protection of citizens.

In recent years, Nigeria has faced significant security challenges, including terrorist attacks, banditry, and kidnappings, impeding the country’s economic progress.

Gunmen raided two communities, Agojeju Odo and Abejukolo in Kogi State, resulting in the tragic loss of lives and destruction of property.

Similarly, bandits abducted 137 pupils and staff members from schools in Kaduna State, stirring fear and unrest in the region.

State governors have pushed for the establishment of state police to enhance security and combat these escalating incidents.

While some progress has been made with 16 states submitting reports on the proposed state police formation, Falana warned against potential misuse of power by governors.

He reiterated the need to prevent the abuse of authority at all levels of government, emphasizing the importance of maintaining fairness and justice in law enforcement.

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