Sports Minister to meet Federation Presidents Thursday

Senator John Owan Enoh, Minister of Sports Development, will meet with the presidents of sports federations in Abuja on Thursday as part of an attempt to promote and combine efforts for athletic excellence. This gathering will set the way for more strategic talks ahead of the Africa Games.

The meeting, which is scheduled for this Thursday, January 11th, at 10 a.m. in Abuja, aims to foster collaboration, coordinate schedules, and organize cooperative activities among the many sports federations. This proactive effort aligns with Nigeria’s objective of increasing its competitive edge in the Games, which will be held in Accra, Ghana this year.

Senator Enoh highlighted the significance of this gathering, stating, “Our nation boasts exceptional athletic talents across various disciplines.

This meeting is a pivotal step toward harnessing our collective potential and ensuring a synchronized approach in our quest for success at the Africa Games.”

The agenda will encompass discussions on athlete preparation, resource allocation, administrative coordination, and leveraging expertise to optimize Nigeria’s performance at the continental sporting event.

The Sports Minister’s proactive engagement with the Federation heads signifies the government’s passion to support and empower Nigerian athletes on their journey to sporting excellence.

The meeting is anticipated to strengthen unity, streamline strategies, and foster a cohesive environment conducive to achieving remarkable feats at the African Games coming up in March this year.

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