Sexual Assault Accuser of Jamie Foxx Requests Anonymity Citing Safety Concerns

The woman who recently filed a sexual assault lawsuit against actor Jamie Foxx has requested that her identity be kept confidential due to concerns for her safety.

 In court documents obtained by Radar Online, the plaintiff, identified as Jane Doe, urged the judge to grant her public anonymity, asserting that she fears for her safety in light of the prominence and celebrity status of the defendant.

In the documents, Jane Doe stated, “I was sexually assaulted as indicated in the Complaint and as a result, I suffered psychological and emotional injuries.”

 She emphasized the sensitivity of the matter and the significant shock, shame, and embarrassment she has already experienced due to the celebrity status of Jamie Foxx.

The unidentified woman expressed her apprehension about the fame of the defendant, especially after the case received widespread coverage from major news outlets.

She mentioned the difficulty in coming forward and talking about the events, citing the emotional trauma associated with being a sexual assault victim.

Jane Doe, who filed the lawsuit against Foxx alleging inappropriate touching, also stated that the sexual assault had caused depression, anxiety, lack of sleep, and distress.

She asserted that public disclosure would lead to further emotional trauma and expressed a desire not to bear the stigma associated with being a sexual assault victim.

 In the lawsuit, the accuser claimed that Foxx touched her inappropriately at a New York City rooftop in 2015.

Foxx’s spokesperson has denied the allegations, stating that the incident never happened, and plans to pursue a claim for malicious prosecution against Jane Doe for what they consider to be frivolous claims.

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